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Residential Demolition in Grand Island, NE

O'Neill Transportation and Equipment provides a full line of demolition services for homeowners, General Contractors, developers and manufacturing facilities. We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded for all scopes of work we perform. Are crews are fully trained and use safe, reliable equipment.
Structural Demolition:
We provide a full line of structural demolition services from single family houses to commercial, industrial, and institutional structures. Our crews have successfully and safely performed hundreds of structural demolition projects over the years. It doesn't matter if you are demolishing a single family home, a commercial building downtown, a manufacturing facility or a power plant we have the tools and the talent to perform your project quickly, safely and in full compliance with the law.

Selective Demolition:
We provide selective demolition services throughout Nebraska and surrounding states. Whether you are “gutting” an entire building, remodeling a hospital in phases, or just need some flooring removed there is no one more qualified to perform your project. We feature several crews trained personnel and a fleet of electric equipment to perform interior demolition quickly and safely. We specialize in working in sensitive environments like hospitals, food processing and pharmaceutical plants but also work in colleges, schools, retail and office environments.

Mechanical Demolition:

We also provide mechanical demolition services for commercial and industrial clients. We demolish or dismantle steam systems, cooling systems, forced air systems, process steam, and a full range of mechanical systems. Our ability to market scrap metals helps insure you the best price. Unlike a lot of our competitors we are fully insured with coverages up to $5,000,000.00. Whether you need a small package unit and some duct work removed or you need a full 60 megawatt high pressure boiler removed we have you covered.

Concrete Cutting and Coring:
With a fleet of specialized equipment, we are able to cover all of your concrete coring or cutting needs. We stock core bits up to 20 inches in diameter and can access core bits up to 72 inches. We also feature an all-electric Hilti wall saw cable of cutting through two feet of reinforced concrete walls, floors or ceilings. This system does not use hydraulic fluid and is perfect for pharmaceutical plants and other sensitive environments.

We also feature a full line of hand held saws and walk behind saws in gas and electric versions.

Structural Demolition, Grand Island ,NE
Selective Demolition, Grand Island, NE
Mechanical Demolition, Grand Island , NE
Mechanical Demolition, Grand Island , NE
Mechanical Demolition, Grand Island , NE
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